---Founded in 1942

---Located in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province

    ---4 national highways pass through

    ---4 high-speed rails pass through

    ---Close to the eastern seaports

    ---Regional air cargo center

---Main products: Laundry soap, toilet soap, soap noodle, liquid detergent, glycerin

---One of the leading enterprises in soap product OEM/ODM

---Top of Douyin e-commerce soap ranking


DAYUNHE Laundry soap

DAYUNHE Efficient laundry soap

Top 1 on Douyin's Soap Annual Ranking

Top 1 on Douyin's Handcare Soap Ranking

Executive Director unit of CCIA


As one of the leading enterprises in soap product OEM/ODM, Jiangsu Clear Land has cooperated with 3 of World’s Top 500, and more than 10 of China’s Top 500 enterprises.

Looking forward to cooperate with you.


— —DAYUNHE Laundry soap

— —DAYUNHE Efficient laundry soap

— —DAYUNHE Transparent laundry soap

— —DAYUNHE Whitening laundry soap

— —DAYUNHE Sulfur soap

— —CRYSTAL Anti-bacterial laundry soap

— —CRYSTAL laundry soap for underwear

— —CRYSTAL laundry soap for diaper

— —CRYSTAL Toilet soap

— —CRYSTAL Liquid detergent

— —DAYUNHE Liquid detergent

— —Soap noodle

— —Glycerin

— —Food grade glycerin

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